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Privacy policy.


Our privacy policy concerns about collecting information/data, protect users’ personal information which is very important to read and revise this agreement details.

We didn’t concern in collecting personal information for a specific person, we just collect personal information for those who desire to use Orderac website and other web pages connected to us. As soon as you provide us with your personal information you give us permission to use these information according to terms and articles of agreementsof your Privacy Policy agreement with Orderac.

We may edit (Your Privacy Policy Agreement) in any time, and that after announcing this editing by publishing the edited version on the website. The edited version of (Privacy Policy Agreement) will be inforce from its publishing date on the site. After publishing your using of the website will be as an agreement from you to the terms and articles of agreements in the edited version to us to use your personal information you gave us before.

We hope that you review orderac announcements which may be related to this policy.


Privacy Policy of Agreement covers the following activities:

Using your personal information, auditing and editing as needed.

Using your personal information and other users.

Using, login in, browsing and editing your personal information

Browsing programs on your personal device.

No conspiracy and Fraud e-mails


Collecting and saving your personal information (used- provided-edited-presented)

As part of registering at the site you will be asked to fill specific personal information (Name, shipment address, e-mail and/or mobile no and other similar information) and some identification informationBirthdate, ID and any other information to specify your identity.

We may need some specific finance informationsuch as: Visa and bank account details to add it to your account information in the site, and that will not happen at any time without your knowledge and agree. You will be notified with theses information at every payment process, your finance information will be used to complete your purchasing processing and your bill.

After registration you shouldn’t publish any personal information – included finance information- at any part of the site except “Account Manage” part, that shall protect you from fraud or steal your identity information. Publishing to of your personal information at any part of the site except “Account Manage” will be consider as a violation to this agreement and may lead to an action to your membership at the site.

Your payment process, activities, preferred choices, purchasing, recall, payment, delivery and comment on products will be recorded.

We may collect more information about/from you with other methods we didn’t mention here such as; recording your call with customers’ employees or by answering our questionnaire. We may collect statistic information when some users provide anonymous information.


Using your personal information

We use your personal information only to provide services and customers support, and improve our services to you, preventing illegal activities, fulfil our agreement items with you, coping with obstacles, collecting fees, providing promotional e-mails and document the information that you provided.

Even we protect your privacy, we may need to show your personal information to regulatory agencies, governmental agencies or third parties. We shall do that according to court orders and other legal agencies in order to obey the law.

The product information may not contain the full specification of the products; we may put only a small brief of the products, but insure we will write the model of the product to allow you to search for the full specification of the product before buying it.

We didn’t sell or rent for a third partyany of your personal information in our regular commercial business and we will share your information with others according to (Privacy Policy Agreement)

As soon as you register at the site it’s a permission from you to authorize us to deliver you promotional e-mailsabout our (services, changes, new features) on the site. If you decided at any time not to receive any of these e-mails you only have to choose the link provided with the body of any sent mal to you to stop sending these e-mails to your e-mail or go to “My Account” on the site.


Browsing programs on your private device

As many other websites our site use small program files installed on your hard disk, so when you visit specific internet pages on the net these files recognize your browser logs through unique and random number.

Cookies logs we used didn’t expose any of your personal information, it just helps us in improving your performance on the site and understand which parts of the site is the most used. You have the full liberty to cancel these logs from your browser if it’s available.

No fraud, hackers, destructive e-mails, we won’t be forgivable with such types of e-mails. For any notifications about fraud, hackers and destructive e-mails just send an e-mail to spam@orderac.com.

Any fraud, hackers and destructive e-mails harm us or any of our content will lead to abolish the user agreement. We scan e-mails automatically and may use manual filtration to explore if there any destructive, hackers, viruses, harmful attacks or any other deceiving and illegal activities.



Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions


* Warranty won’t be inforce except in the presence of the product’s serial number. Orderac site has the right to cancel any warranty if the buyer has edited/ wiped the serial number of the product after buying it.

* When the warranty is inforce orderac are committed to maintain or replace the damaged part of the product, compensate the buyer with part/full price that he bought the product with, and the compensation will be as the current price of the product in the market.

* The maintenance or replacing the product that happened according to warranty’s terms and conditions isn’t/ won’t be considered or lead to renew the warranty period and won’t be considered under any circumstances as a renewal period to the warranty that was given to the customer when he bought the product.

* Orderac’s warranty won’t cover any cases of damage and break that happened due to the misuse from the buyer at any part of the product.

* Orderac’s warranty covers factory and manufacture defaults during first 14 days only and we are obliged to replace the product in this situation. After 14 days from buying date orderac won’t be obliged to replace the product and in this condition the product will be in maintenance program. 

* All cables, chargers, batteries, accessories, mobile accessories and tablets accessories warranty’sis only 6 moths

* Homewares, computers, electric devices, tablets and mobiles warranty’s is only one year excluded product misuse.

* The customer has the right to ask for electronic copy from purchasing bill and that only during one year from the purchasing date.

* Hand watches warranty’s didn’t include batteries it includes failures only,

* There is no warranty on consuming products such as; smart cards, internet cards, charge cards and gift cards… etc.

** For more inquires about product program please contact us at the following mail: warranty@orderac.com